Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy 'teachers' day !!

Today is teachers’ day and I wish to speak my mind, one thought that has been popping up in my mind for some time. I feel there are basically two types of teachers: type one, whose level of teaching may be good or average but their level of ethics and morals is very high. You can look up to them and see a guiding star. You are deeply affected by their goodness and somewhere start idolizing them.

The type two are those whose teaching may be good or even the very best but they have virtually no ethical code and are sort of unscrupulous beings. These are foul mouthed, show their importance all the time and misuse (read enjoy) their power as much as they can.

I would rather consider it an opportunity that I saw the two types in juxtaposition. We had one of the teachers of the type two, who would keep us waiting outside his office for long time just to make one petty announcement, fiddle with marks, favor his chosen few, crack jokes crossing the limits of decency and then scold us for not laughing (eww! strange but true), would insult us over our (so called) ‘mistakes’ and devised new ways of inflicting mental torture,. The list is endless. Although I, rather we (the entire class) had to bear with a cynical teacher but you value light because you know what darkness is. I would have never seen the goodness and values of one such teacher had the other been not so very devilish.

There was another teacher, the type one, who was really worth calling teacher and was gentle and caring. He would always be available for any help, went of his way to help and would make the class less stressing. Students could count on him for help in any moment of distress and that confidence of pupils in him was his real worth and wealth.

I feel it’s not just the academic gyaan, but a lot of virtues and character that a student imbibes from a teacher. The type two people, I feel, should not enter a sacred profession like teaching. Even now, mere thought of such teachers fills our hearts with hatred and a frown comes unintentionally. The other ones we all still love calling ‘sir’ again and again.



  1. well, a bad teacher can make either a brilliant student look like a duffer.. and a gud teacher can make even a duffer student look like a brilliant one..

    ahh. gud teachers are so hard to find..!

    i miss my school!


  2. True.,. Its not what they teach but at the end what matters is what we learn at the end from them,., Happy Teachers Day to all those blessed folks :)

  3. hii Abhi :)

    yups agreed ..good teachers are rare.

  4. hii Prashant

    yup! learning is more than mere academic .. :)

  5. Nice post. Matha Pitha Guru Dheivam (tamil word for God) in that order. Guru comes even before God.

  6. Well, there's a third kind. Who just comes, does nothing and goes, each day. As long as he/she gets his pay.

    I had one such teacher, who didn't teach, wasted away time in the class...who didn't mind when students made noise while he was in class.

    And when asked for marks, he would just give it away like a Karna. As long as I am left alone, its all fine was his mantra ...:-D

    Students liked him a lot because of his carefree attitude

  7. hii SG

    yaa guru comes before god :)
    but todayz gurus are ..hmmmmm..less said the better !!

  8. heyaa sis :)

    heheh! yup this category is the most popular ones :P

    but are damaging and irritating in long run

  9. "What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches." said "Karl Menninger".

    Parents give us living, but teachers teach us Living Well. Teachers play a vital role in molding lives of children/students. Especially formative years of life are heavily influenced by How a teacher is the what they really teach. Some of the most important lessons that we learn are not from the books, but from what they teach about life. Its a huge responsibility of a teacher to make his/her pupils understand the greater lessons of life like truth,honesty,ethics and morals and inturn make them grow into ideal human beings. :)

    No wonder they say Teachers are everyday gods :)

    We owe it o all those lovely teachers for whatever we are today. May they have the best of lives :)

    Well written Aditi. Happy Teachers day !!


  10. hiii rammy

    what a wonderful comment yaar!
    and such a meaningful quote, my entire post is summed up in ur quote :D

    m soo glad u liked it :D

  11. Well said....Type II teachers should realise that respect is not demanded but commanded. U can't torture sum1 and expect him/her to respect out of fear. They are cancer of the society.

  12. hiii Akhilesh
    yup! i agree and who can know type II better than us :P

  13. well we had one such kind of teacher called M.S, who didn't teach and always makes P.J and create fear on student.He always want respect from student by doing nothing.

    These kind of teacher never survive in teaching line for a long run n i guess god has already given him a big punishment..

  14. hii vinod :)

    yup! I agree, such teachers deserve a punishment..... these are people who have spoiled this scared profession.

    I know and and I ( rather we ) hate that type II teacher.

  15. well said.

    Young children are sensitive and sometimes, liking a subject depends on whether or not you liked the teacher. It happened with me.

  16. hii Abstract scientist
    thanks :)

    cruel ans unethical teachers have a rather damaging effect on children......good teachers are so important for a healthy mental development