Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It’s A Yes!

The dictionary defines the verb ‘Travel’ not only as ‘to move or to go from one place to another’ but also as ‘to proceed or advance in anyway’. I believe that the latter resonates more closely with the verb these days. Even in this era of technology where everything is available on one touch or click, physical travelling remains unmatched in the kind of expansion it can bring to one’s life. Travel fills you up not only with memories but dreams and hopes too; it teaches you much about life, people, exploration and most importantly, surviving. It makes you see what a huge universe lies beyond you little plush room or cabin. Travel is nothing short of a panacea for it can make one creative, cure depression to a good extent, makes you independent, wiser and can break old attitudes and notions like it did in my case.

Many years back till I visited the happening and beautiful Goa, I had very different notions about the place. If I were asked to define Goa in few words then, I would have said ‘drugs’, ‘dates’, ‘foreigners’ and ‘nudity’ but after one visit everything changed. Let me share this unforgettable experience of mine in short-

I visited Goa many years back on a college trip, long enough to travel and explore the place. Initially we were wary and were asked by the more cautious classmates who did not join us on the trip to keep a ‘safe distance’ from ‘that sorts’ and drugs. Many boys regarded Goan girls as ‘free’ and ‘available’ and Goan locals something as sloshed country idiots living a dull life. I will be honest here that when we reached that place, our perceptions were colored by these notions to a large extent; but that is what travel always does- it makes you unlearn and relearn the facts, breaks old molds and fills new colors into your lives. We noticed a different air. Coming from plains, I was usually not dexterous in enjoying beaches and beach parties. Women roaming around in skimpy clothing were observed with raised eyebrows. However, few days into this smallest Indian state, the only one to have two official languages- Konkani and Marathi, made me shed my old attitudes. By the way, I did not know Konkani was an altogether different language! Beaches can be enjoyed far more in swimming costumes and the humid climate of the place can discourage anyone from putting on too many clothes or heavy garments like sarees and salwar suits. The Portuguese (Goa was ruled by the Portuguese for more than four centuries and gained independence only in 1961), the aboriginal Konkani and the colonial catholic influence have led to a potpourri of cultures that is also quite charming. The dresses and skirts people wear in Goa suit the place, culture and the climate. The people are fond of liquor, particularly a local one made from cashew called ‘Feni’

The churches provide a cool and serene quietness, no less soothing than what I feel in temples. We visited many churches and found the love of Jesus pronounced in the very air of the place. Smiling locals, happy in their little lives closer to nature, merry and helpful foreigners giving you tips on swimming on beaches, old couples enjoying their sunset years and girls celebrating their freedom far from the peering eyes and filthy tongues of those around (unlike in Northern India), the multicultural cuisines and wonderful baked food items and a vibrant nightlife that could give wild Delhi a good complex, opened my mind and gave me a different perspective on life. If someone is different or has lesser inhibitions from you, then it does not make him or her cheap and degraded. Goa tells us precisely this thing. This place teaches us in its own subtle blithely way to coexist and enjoy life before it slips. As I said before, travel is indeed a panacea; it helped me to form some friendships that have stood the test of rough times.

I am happy that I stepped out of my little room, traveled and became more open-minded and tolerant of many things.

I am so happy to have said yes to the world!

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Check out this beautiful video-

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  1. Yes, I agree with the gentleman in the video that one lifetime is not enough to see all the beauty in the world. And I loved every word of your travel adventure, Ankita! Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Hi Chris

      I love Traveling and will come to meet you one day! :)

      Thanks a lot!

  2. I too learn something about Goa from your post and want to visit sometime in future… really our perspectives changes as we continue to travel and it expands our world.

    1. Hi Jeevan

      Thanks a lot! Do visit , it is a lovely place :)

      Yes, travel is very educating