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Definitely Abroad With #DefinitelyPTE

A good education is undoubtedly the foundation of a successful and rewarding life. The importance of education cannot be overestimated and right from school to college, every institution one studies in, shapes the life greatly. In fact, a person is all about what he has learned and experienced in his years of education. Even though there is no dearth of good educational institutions in India, many other macro factors limit the seats and hence, students look towards other lucrative option in foreign lands. Some of the greatest educational institutions are situated abroad and boast of an enviable alumni list. Many Universities offer very affordable fee structure while some, an extremely rewarding cultural life. To experience such education is indeed a matter of great privilege. However, to join a good university abroad, apart from funds, there are many things that are needed to be taken care of. After one chooses his or her preferred university on the basis of criteria like the course of choice, fee structure, location, scholarship alumni, and the like, comes the next steps- the paperwork and the English Language Test. The paperwork including visa and passport formalities, medical certificates and travel insurance can be managed without much trouble but the latter requires knowledge and skills to crack the barrier and move ahead towards the goal. This test is taken by students whose native language is not English. The valid score card of an English language test like ILETS (The International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is necessary for admission to universities abroad.

IELTS comes in two variants, viz, ‘The Academic’ and ‘The General Training’. While the former is for those aiming for higher education in foreign universities, the latter is for those wishing to migrate to Canada, Australia and the UK or to apply for secondary education, training and work experience in an English-speaking country. More than 10K institutes and training organizations across the world accept IELTS score while more than 9K colleges in 130 countries accept TOEFL. A good score in these can ensure the success of the endeavor to study or work abroad.

Studying abroad is definitely not a cakewalk; there are problems like financial aid, tax issues, and medical certifications apart from competitive test scores. Some universities offer hostels while for others, students need to manage their own accommodations. This can be daunting a bit but can be managed with a good professional help. English tests like ILETS and TOEFL too can be successfully cracked with professional help like that of Pearson Academic. Foreign countries that have English as native language prefer a good score in such tests so that the student faces no major issues when he or she arrives to the institution.
PTE Academic is by far the best way to crack the English Language Test. Scores arrive as early as within five days and the testing system is fully computer based. These scores are accepted in all the universities in Australia, Ireland and New Zealand and also in most universities in other major education hubs like UK, USA, Singapore, Canada and Europe. Moreover, one can send the scores to as many universities as he or she desires without any additional fee! #DefinitelyPTE is the best choice in this regard!

PTE Academic is a hassle free three hour computerized test that can be taken round the year and is highly accurate and unbiased. It comprises of three parts after a one minute intro in the beginning. Part I is ‘Speaking and Writing’ with is 77-93 minutes long. Part II is ‘Reading’ and is 32-41 minutes long and Part III is ‘Listening’ which is 45-57 minutes long. An optional scheduled break of ten minutes is given as well making it easy on the nerves of the student! A good score can push up the chances of being accepted by the dream university. Thus for this, we can refer to PTE Preparation Course that come in three packages namely, Silver, Gold and Platinum Test Preparation Kit and can be purchased online on pocket friendly prices!

Once you are prepared, the test centre needs to be decided. PTE Academic has no dearth of test centers round the world. In India, 25 recognized centers including PTE’s own test centers are available for choice to the student. Thus any centre across the country that is most suitable can be easily booked! These centers are available not only in metros like new Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, but in smaller cities as well like in Rajkot, Patiala and Nagpur, to name a few. The process is trouble-free; PTE Academic test can be booked on phone by calling the PTE Administrators or online by logging in to their web page. The candidates have to register themselves with the basic information and once the registration is successful, a test can be scheduled as per the student’s convenience!

PTE Academic is widely accepted by thousands of universities and educational institutions around the globe. Even Ivy League ones like Harvard and Stanford accept PTE scores! Some universities in this long list are-
·        INSEAD (Fontainebleau & Singapore)
·        Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
·        Tokyo International University
·        Birmingham City University
·        Durham University
·        Princeton University

Studying abroad is an enriching and rewarding experience. Travel and cultural mixing takes one out of his or her cocoon and throws wide open the doors of success through which several amazing opportunities come rushing in! Trust PTE Academic for making your dream of securing a foreign degree a concrete reality!

#DefinitelyPTE gives wings to your dreams!
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