Thursday, December 18, 2014

Let's Go!!

Vacations are usually banal without kids who not only add spice to our lives with their innocent chirping but also have their own way of looking at things and hence and make us see the events, people and situations from various interesting angles. I remember as a kid I used to love holidays and family trips to various places. My curiosity would cross its threshold and I would wander here and there goggle eyed! That was fun! I remember going to an ancient temple once in a remote place. The rustic village life and the huge inscriptions of temple walls so interested me that I forgot about the ‘puja’ and wandered all the time staring at the inscriptions and images!

These days, the life has become so hectic that it has become almost imperative to go on vacations. Just like adults, children too are highly stressed- from school to extra activities like tuitions, hobby classes, etc. All take a toll on a child’s mind, making him/her irritated and mentally lethargic. The best way to recharge the batteries and spend quality time together is to go on vacations to a nice destination- a hill station like Coorg or Sikkim, or to a good beach place like Goa. If I were to take out kids of my family to a nice vacation I would choose s a good hill station, for I love hills and forests, and I am sure children would love such a place too! There are many vacation partners like Club Mahindra that provide nice destinations and vacations.

There are various activities, I would choose for the kids like boating and zoo visits, apart from games like swimming, horse-riding etc. Taking long walks in pristine lands is also a nice activity. I also wish kids should attend some sort of workshops as well, like those teaching some local style of painting or puppetry for example, or any such workshop so that they get a feel of the real culture of that place apart from learning new things. In this era of virtual world and simulators, keeping children busy is not much of a difficult thing if you have some virtual-reality technology available. Video-games and simulators can easily keep them busy and happy!

I would also like to make the kids write down their travel experiences or rather create a lovely scrapbook with the pictures and experiences (in words) nicely arranged together. This way they do something creative but more than that, this habit of writing their original experiences themselves will go a long way in helping them in their studies and career.
Vacations are never tedious and boring with kids, we just need to keep their energies glued to the right things. For this, the most important thing is to choose a good travel club like Club Mahindra that provides everything needed for memorable vacations. From almost all the exotic destinations of India and abroad, you can choose the one that suits you the best based on their various parameters.

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  1. I love forests as well. They always calm me down!

    1. Hi Katrin

      I love greenery! yes, very true :)

  2. You are very right, they add spice, laughter and a unlimited supply of energy. I love going out with kids.

  3. Hi Saru

    yes, very true :)