Saturday, December 13, 2014

I m possible!!

Fear or darr as it is called in Hindi, is akin to a poisonous sting that paralyses us and puts a full-stop on the journey ahead. This way, not only we are forced to abandon our dreams but also it gives us a certain deep set feeling of defeat that diminishes our self-confidence. So, the most important thing one has to manage in order to grow and realize those dreams is victory over fears. The dictionary defines ‘fear’ as ‘a panic and distress caused by an impending danger’ and also as ‘anxiety’ and ‘dread’. So, in a nutshell, fear is the feeling that prevents you from moving forward in life and taking risks, even the most calculated ones. This can mean an end to all the hopes we pin from ourselves. I too have faced various such situations, big and small, where I gave my best to overcome anxiety and fears to emerge as a winner. I would like to share such an instance here-

When I was in tenth standard, I decided to participate in an elocution competition named ‘voux-populi’ that was to take place during the annual school function. The topic was something related to railways if I remember correctly. However, a day before the contest, a plump senior girl along with few of her friends walked up to me and interrogated me about the preparations and points I was going to include. I did not reveal anything but later came to know that she was a senior teacher’s daughter. Around two hours before the contest was about to begin, I was busy practicing with my friends backstage when they arrived again and started bullying us and other participants too. They bragged about the facts and figures she was going to include and how we stood nowhere near to her caliber as well as approach her mother had, and also that she won last year as well, and that we were going to face humiliation for sure. Honestly, I could feel the pressure and a feeling of letting go that creeps inside slowly. Even though I practiced again but I could feel I was fumbling and wasn’t willing to go up on the stage. When the competition began, I saw how confidently and aggressively she had spoken but I decided to give all that a miss. However, I felt as if I was guilty of something, of dashing hopes I had pinned from myself, the time and effort my parents and friends had given for me and decided to give my best shot even though a paralyzing fear had gripped me. I did not want to stay guilty to myself for years to come. So, I went on stage and focused on winning and without bothering about anything, gave my best. Finally, when the results were announced, I won the second prize and she got none. One of the judges later revealed that she lost because her speech had so many facts and figures but no originality of thought at all, and her manner was far too aggressive.

After that, even to this date, I never fumble on stage or under psychological pressure or antics of any sort. In later years too, I actively participated in fests and this incident of overcoming the fear of psychological pressure still makes me proud! That little shiny trophy and certificate still make me smile!

In everybody’s life, there have been, or will arrive, big and small instances where overcoming fear becomes a necessity and not a choice. It can be to prove oneself or to attain victory as they say ‘darr ke aage jeet hai’ that means triumph lies beyond fear. That is why we must try to overcome our fears so over the time we only grow stronger! And after all, ‘Impossible’ says ‘I-m-possible’!