Friday, May 16, 2014

On Her Own Way

Silent stream gently braced the cold ashes
As dull moonlight spread on a sooty passage
Zephyr too seemed to hum a poignant note
And dull horizon warned of a tempest above

She walked quietly carrying her infant son
Still in past, somewhat numb to reason
A swarm of people awaited her there
Relatives, elders and many a neighbor

Their eyes, piercing and arrow like
As if mocking the tragedy of her life
“With him gone, you hapless woman!
Mould your life as per the canon
Implore God to wash your sins
Hide from men and lusty urchins
Cut those dark curls & drape white
Avoid rich cuisines, even their sight”

Compelled an old sunken lady
Having passed the diktat already
A frame so frail but voice so rife
As if an authority on banal life
She too saw all this early in age
A fox she was but dressed a sage

Peering eyes and rapacious looks, she saw it all
And then stood up, with spine so erect and tall
Staring back to each nasty eye, started off-
“I lost my beloved but that’s ‘his’ end
He did his own part and went away
Now, I will walk my own way
I too have a life; rather a long one
A son to raise and duties to dispense
Joys shall fill my voids with smile
Brick by brick will intact what’s left behind
I will pick pieces and wear his shoes
Tackle the unkind world, as it goes
Colors will smile again and so will Thee
Those are my plans and rest to destiny”
Calmly she said , clutching her son
Assuring that she expects from none

“You shameless nymph!” cried an old man
“Cover your head and think of God
Respect tradition and now be sad
At least for the sake, shed a tear
But stay away, do not come near
If all the widows will think like her
Society will surely go to the gutter
Dare not have the traditions shatter
Don’t be a blot on our rich culture”

His blood red eyes each like flaming ember
Others joined too-“yes! She must surrender”
“Of course!” shirked an old lady
“Unchaste”, one had certified already

“I will decide which path to follow
For I am neither a wimp, nor hollow
My son will admire a strong mother
Not a loser running from bad weather”

She took up her child and walked on
Towards a new future and a new dawn
The Gods saw this and clapped in bliss
A girl’s aura can a million suns eclipse

Look! There she goes, in search of a new day!
But when every girl would say-
“I respect my esteem, dignity and honor”
“I won’t let myself be pushed to a corner”
“I have a spine and I refuse to be sorry”
Gods will show that lady, her very way to glory!

Being forced to wear white all life, a mourning that never ends, being ostracized from all the family functions and a hundred other mindless restrictions –that’s what any woman’s nightmares are made of. Unfortunately, this is the very life many women lead in some parts of India. Widowhood not only unleashes cruelty and ruthlessness of the society on an already distressed being but our malicious traditions too, suck all her dignity and push her to oblivion.

Sadly, it is not easy to change die-hard perceptions, rotten preconceived notions and redundant customs. In metros and cities where many women are educated, working and self dependent, severity may be less but presence still haunts though in minor shades.

So, kicking hard that putrid double faced society that knows only to force traditions and enjoy cruelty, women should come out of their pigeon-holes and face the world with confidence expecting nothing from this hypocrite world. 

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  1. and yet the same society goes out of the way to pray in front of all the goddesses we have ..

    but what happens to the REAL women in the society no one bothers to know


    1. Hi Bikram

      exactly, we are nothing but a bunch of stinking hypocrites esp when women and children are concerned.

    2. Exactly my words.. if i was to say ..

  2. This makes me sad...extremely sad...Women deserve so much more. The hypocrisy...the cruelty...and the mentality against women need to change.

    1. Hi Red,

      Yes, me too but the fact is that our society stinks esp when comes to treating women properly. I have seen educated men from good families verbally abusing women publicly and they are not even conscious about all that, it is as if a part of their basic attitude...all that makes me sick

  3. In name of culture and tradition women are suppressed since ages. Man can marry the other day after his wife has died but if women do the same the society will get destroyed or go in gutter.. And also they have no explanation if asked why but raise their voice..
    But their are certain women who are strong enough to stand against the tide.. They are the real future of the world...

    1. Hi Pink

      yes, men just need a reason to suppress women and abuse them as per their will. Even though times have changes but the treatment meted out towards women esp dependent and helpless ones like widows is comparable to animals, rather far worse. We need to take a stand ourselves rather than expecting help from the same society that is hell bent on abusing us since ages.

    2. times have changed*

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Onkar

      Thanks a lot! I am really glad that you liked it :)

  5. I always love what you write! So powerful!

    1. Vielen danke meine lieben!!


  6. Very true, though we call ourselves a modern society, but still our mindsets are very low.

    1. Hi Vandana

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment. Yes, I agree, we are modern just superficially but beneath that mask lies our true face, that of a stinking hypocrite society.