Sunday, October 20, 2013



खौफज़दा दिलों या ज़ख़्मी सीनों से आयें
आहों को मज़हब न सरहद रोक पाएं
अपनी या ग़ैर की, तेरी हों या मेरी
अंगारे तो हर सीने में जला जायेंगी.

उन मैली सफ़ेद परतों से झाकेंगे 
स्याह रिसते नासूर यूँ बेपर्दा हो कर
कफ़न अपने पर हो या किसी ग़ैर पर
हर ख़ामोश गवाही एक नई आग लगाएगी.

देख! जाल सी फैलती ये सुर्ख नदियाँ
तेरे और मेरे घरों को निगले जाती हैं
ले बहें अश्क-ओ-लहू अपना या ग़ैर का
फिर एक दफ़ा ख़ुदा का सर झुकायेंगी.

The Translation:


From fearful hearts or wounded bodies, they may come
Neither any religion nor borders can stop these sighs
Be our own or someone else’s, yours or mine;
They’ll surely leave burning embers in every heart

From those soiled white layers, will peep
Black open wounds shamelessly unveiled
A shroud may be on one’s kin or else’s
But each shroud will lead to more violence

See! Those red rivers distending like a net
They are swallowing our homes, yours and mine
Be the tears and blood flowing our own or else’s
Such violence will once again hang God’s head in shame

This poem was written originally in Urdu after I read about violence at many places. Just the very news of such bloodshed is enough to disturb us; we cannot even imagine the plight of the people involved. Such wars effect their generations to come, leaving their children ill-fed and uneducated. Families of armed forces officers suffer too, for their kin face painful deaths in such useless mayhems.
The tree of violence bears only poison thorns that vex generations to arrive. There is no winner in a war; both the sides involved suffer more or less equally. A peace loving attitude and a stance of non-violence is the best gift we can give others but most importantly to ourselves. 

To quote Gautam Buddha.
‘If you throw a burning coal at someone, your fingers get burnt first’
How true!


  1. दूर तक उतरते शब्द. युद्ध और हिंसा की व्यर्थता कभी युग समझ नहीं पाया.

    If you have not already read Dinkar's Kurukshetra, you should read it someday.

  2. After reading this, I can only quote late U.S. President, John F. Kennedy. "Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind."

  3. yes but the how will politicians fill their purses...

  4. What a moving post, Ankita. It's always great to read a good work of urdu.

    But sadly, those responsible never understand the gravity.

  5. From time immemorial wars have been a regular feature of mankind.It is the greed,envy and need for scarce resources that cause wars.Though world wars have not been more than two,nations frequently fight amongst themselves killing countless and bringing misery to people.Human history is replete with such mindless rivalry.
    Atleast within nations,ours especially,we should learn to live in peace and harmony along with our diverse differences.Dialogues should replace violence.
    The poem is touching as I coulld see from the translation.

  6. Hi Nihar

    Thanks a lot! ya, very true.

    A few days back I read one para of this book online. Will read more now :)

  7. Hi SG

    thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful quote :)

  8. Hi Renu

    This is the biggest problem of our government..:P

  9. Hi Saru

    Thanks a lot! I am really glad you liked this poem :)

    Yes, they will never and that's why there seems to be no end to wars.

  10. Hello KP Sir

    yes, I agree with every word you have written. very true.

    I am happy you liked the translated version :)

  11. Very true...Violence is rampant nowadays that I fear we will start taking it a normal occurrence.

  12. Hi Pankti

    Yes, it has become a part of life these days. A peaceful state or city creates headlines!

  13. Beautiful poem with a serious message... and well explained... hope kabhi to hum ek mukammal jahan banayenge.. aur salaam un jawanon ko jo mar mit te hai siyasi sazishon ke lie...

  14. Hi Pink

    thanks a lot!! I am very happy that u liked it!
    ji haan aur ye jahan har siyasi ranjish se azad ho aur khuhnuma rahe!
    jawanon ko to dil se salam!

  15. Very well written Ankita! Meaningful poem explaining the plight of violence.

    Nice quote at the end.

  16. Hi Sai

    Thank you so much for liking and appreciating it!