Friday, June 12, 2015

That Lass!

There was once a bony lass,
Quietest in her whole class
She would feel awfully shy
And at drop-of-hat would cry
Though betrayed a content smile
But prayed God to change her life

Then she grew sick of her being
Of all banal and sheepish living
And of being a nervous wreak
For many days she told herself-
“Let the world go to hell
I’ll come out of my shell
And do my own thing
Sans a bit of bothering”

After that she just did not care
Of neither brickbats nor flatter
And self she started to adore
Her wings grew; she did soar
Anyways, it was also not her duty
To keep each damned soul happy!


  1. "It is not her duty to keep each damned soul happy' is the loud and clear message.I liked the rhyming verse very much.

  2. just let be ourselves and then see the magic!

    1. Hi Vandana

      yes, very true!

  3. I loved every single line of this poem.. Well done Ankita..

    Cheers to you.. :)

    1. Hi Geets

      Thanks a ton! I am so happy you liked this poem :D