Friday, June 12, 2015

Superb Skin!

What shows the inner happiness of someone? It is not fancy clothes, high-end accessories but it is one simple thing and that is flawless skin. Hair and skin are two most basic parameters of health and well being of a person. No amount of make-up can substitute the glow that comes when skin is clear of problems like excess oil, pimples and blackheads. Unfortunately, in these times when pollution is setting new records each day and stress is taking its toll even in children, it is hard to maintain a glowing skin. We use a number of cosmetics but mostly, the end result is cipher because they are all full of chemicals. We need to go back to our wonderful roots and find something that can give us a natural boost. Certain herbs like turmeric are boon for the skin and this has been known for centuries. Face-washes and creams having such natural things only should be applied.

Apart from using a natural face-cream and face-wash, there are certain other tips that you can follow to keep to keep that enviable glow-

1.  Go Natural- Use Ayurveda based skin products as these contain many herbs that have no side effects even in the long run unlike synthetic cosmetics. Even after decades, they help maintain a firm and supple skin.
2. No Touching- It is a common habit but can cause acne breakout and blackheads. Constantly touching the face can be unhealthy for the skin hygiene.
3.  Separate Towel- Most people use the same towel for the whole body but one should use a separate towel for facial skin as it is many times more soft and prone to break-outs.
4.  The Wash Effect- It is a tricky thing because too much washing can strip the skin of oils and too little will cause dirt to accumulate deep inside the pores. So, after a few hours, one should wash skin with either plain water or a herbal face-wash.
5.   No Soap- They are very alkaline and should be avoided on face.
6.  Cold Water- Even in winters, one should prefer cold water for washing the face as warm water can cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear.
7.  Less Cosmetics- Wearing makeup day in and day out not only looks somewhat silly but is also very harmful for the skin. Also, one must not over indulge in cosmetic products and also, all makeup should be removed before going to bed.
8.  Soft Scrubbing- It must be done to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells that block pores. This can be done with herbal or home-made scrubs as well.

These are some simple skin care tips that do not cost anything and as they say, precaution is far better than cure. Skin is the biggest and most visible part of our body and if treated carefully, it can make heads turn in awe!

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