Wednesday, November 25, 2009

26/11/2008: A BLACK DAY

Last year this date was written in black. Not just the people of Mumbai but the entire nation finds it difficult to forget the macabre incident that happened in the Taj hotel in Mumbai. But the question is what have we learnt from that? The Leopold cafe was reconstructed and opened soon after and the hotel started functioning as well. The crisis management team of the Tata group is amazingly strong but, what about the crisis management of the Indian government. We still have no preventive measures worth the name; no solid steps against terrorism, only loud noise.

It is shameful on the part of the government that in the very first place the terrorists could enter so easily with loads of arms and ammunitions inside the country. Secondly even a year after the terror attacks, nothing substantial has been done yet to prevent such incidents further. The much trumpeted anti-terrorism measures remain till date largely on paper only. The families of the slain policemen are living on pavements; this is indeed a big slap on the system’s face. After the operation, the commandoes were huddled off in local buses, how disgusting it is!

SRI HEMANT KARKARE (IPS) Joint Commissioner Of Police, Anti Terrorist Squad, Mumbai.

Thirdly, the role of media was rather destructive. To gain the TRPs the channels continuously showed the current details live which updated the terrorists and their mentors more than the public. If media had acted in a mature manner, fatalities would perhaps be much less. But we have a strong tendency of not learning anything from the past tragedies. Every time and everywhere we turn to our ‘chalta hai’ mode. Now a day the news channels are more in grabbing TRP than showing something useful. Dedication of prime time slots to Shilpa Shetty’s wedding appeared to them more important than the sufferings of the attack victims. Her mehandiwali’s interview held a priority over what the attack victims’ families cried for.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
NSG Commando

The CM of Kerala openly insulted the slain Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s parents in their own house. The families of other slain heroes are still awaiting action by the sleepy and indifferent government machinery on the promises doled out to them. Shame on such a system! And I think because of such a treatment to our forces, youngsters are thinking twice before joining defense services, and that’s again a big slap on the government’s face.

But then, the government’s apathy and slumber are nothing new. At least for Mumbai, be it terror attack or repeated flooding of the city, the government has invented an easy shelter to hide behind- ‘the spirit of Mumbaikar’. True, the Mumbaikars have shown a remarkable resolve in coping up with the miseries that have struck their city, but the government has exploited it to cover up its inefficiency to such an extent that now it appears to be more of a commoners’ compulsion to keep the life going.

Is somebody listening?



  1. I second whatever you said. Just a couple of days back, there was an article on the life of these police/security forces who are guarding the Taj and the surrounding areas.

    It was disgusting to see that the jawans had made the Gateway of India as their living quarters because they were not provided proper accommodation. They were compelled to live by the pavements. Those men ate, slept and lived there, washed and hung their clothes right opposite to the hotel.


  2. Yeah! You are right..
    But I don't think the common man has learnt his/her lessons well.. we still find it amusing to stand behind the reports so that the camera gets hold of our faces on TV.. we still gather at public places to see how the fire on the spot is going on.. we still bribe the traffic police man who is already under economic and political pressure..!

    dooosro ki jai se pehle khudko jai karein!

  3. It's really sad...half of the metal detectors are not functioning...police still don't have proper arms and ammunitions and as abhinav said the aam janta are also equally at fault...we do not care about following the rules, we don't vote.

    P.S: Year 2008 witnessed several other bombings in places like Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi...but surprisingly there's no hype and special coverage given to these incidents. But sadly no media considers it that imp.

  4. well, many believe that there is hardly any truth in what we are told by the media about the attacks and its perpetrators. Some believe it was the opposition who was hand in glove with the neighbors in carrying out this attack on India.

    Who is to blame for the deaths of the innocent people?

    what can possibly be done to honour the braveheart NSG and ATS?

    Jai Hind.

  5. I second gayathri... half of the metal detectors and cctv's never work..or maybe never are there in the first place!! News channels sure are fit for raising TRP rating! Spirit of mumbaikars! go ya indeed...cya around!

  6. hii sis

    right! I too saw that news. I heart goes out to those families, its disgusting on the part of the government that such condition has come..such a deplorable condition :(

    yaa, its PATHETIC

  7. hii Abhinav

    right, we never learn from our mistakes. after 9/11 there has not been any terror attack in the states, but here, 9/11 comes every other day :(

  8. hii G3

    right yaar, jackets were of very low quality and so the old rusted guns..shame!

    right, Mumbai attacks got so much attention because several high profile pple were affected. who cares about the naxal attacks in rural chattisgarh?

  9. hii UA

    who cares except the families of the slain, Indian govt is as sleepy as ever

  10. hii Hary

    ya right, i agree with u both.. spirit is more of a compulsion to carry on with life and to save jobs... its just a glorious term to cover up the issue.

  11. My God... Kiddo you are grown up now.
    Such a mature opinion..... Great !! You don't need me now. Lol.

  12. hey Sachin!

    thanks buddy! ya somethings make u grow up in a day....

    I'll always need u buddy!

    this comment made my eyes moist..