Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is spiritualism an extra dimension of human existence?

Could the spiritual enlightenment be considered as an extra dimension of human existence? It seems ridiculous to blend the scientific facts of space-time dimensions with a unique feeling of the enlightened ones which is a purely subjective phenomenon that cannot be duplicated in laboratory for test and verification, something that is largely considered to be in the realm of faith.
Our physical existence is in four dimensions- three spatial (length, width and height) and fourth one, the time, which moves only in one direction (forward) and never reverse. It is called the thermodynamic arrow of time. A hypothetical one dimensional creature living only in the world of length does not understand anything like width, i.e. moving sideways, and anything approaching it from the side is a miracle for him. A two-dimensional creature exists in a flat plane consisting of length and width; in other words while still existing along length it can move towards sides also but cannot understand height. Similarly, a three-dimensional creature will have a structure in length, width and height like ours but no past, present or future. We, while existing in 3 spatial dimensions, also change along time, the fourth dimension.

Now, if someone of us whom we call a spiritually enlightened sage does something that is miracle to us, could it not be possible that while still existing in four known dimensions he is changing in some extra dimension that is unknown to us? In his autobiography (‘Autobiography Of A Yogi’), famous sage HH Paramhans Yoganand has cited several examples of peculiar things that were common among the enlightened sages, like travel along time (seeing past, present and future), dual existence (being present at two places at the same moment), floating in the air, and in one case, even creating an illusory palace that was real and complete with walls, pillars, etc for others to see, touch and feel. Could it not be considered that while existing in the four dimensional world of space-time like all of us, these sages were dwelling in fifth dimension, that of spiritual world? May be that science has so far not understood spiritualism and places it in the realm of faith alone but one day, may recognize it?

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