Friday, January 10, 2020

Did You Say Liberty?

Did you say liberty or was it something else?
Was it for a cause, young blood like water spread?

As wilted roses, pride of beauties lay under the feet
And wails of distressed mothers till heavens did reach

Marches of freedom to new dawns paved the way
But tyranny crept in though old evils you did slay

In joy, savagery danced once the aims were over
Liberty’s flag lost color to coercion’s exposure

With both the hands you snatched the crown
Too hastily, in love of their bleeding throne

Once shining arrows, meant to break all clamps
Now lie affronted like boats left rusting on land

Freedom in the morning was control by the noon
Vile were evenings, finally sadism by the moon
But what goes around comes too, it doesn’t stay
Power absolute corrupts fully, all the wise men say

A new wave will rise soon to break the patterns
Again young blood will be profusely splattered

Even then, the wheel will move on the very path
Till some other wave breaks that epoch of wrath

It will fill old shoes in the name of a novel cause
But none would care taking the road traveled less

This order never will cease; it’s destined to repeat
Thus, same end each crusade inevitably shall meet

Did you say liberty or was it something else?

(I penned this poem a few years back)