Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stepping Towards A Super Life!

No matter, how much we crib about our lives and the never ending troubles in Delhi-NCR, the reality, if seen through a finer lens is that this area has been constantly evolving. In medieval India, Delhi was a hub of poetry and dance and now it is of fashion and food. The places and the people constantly evolve and Delhi-NCR is one area where this change is felt more than anywhere else. Our lives may not be as of those living in scenic Europe or of high profile areas of New York but in our own way, at our own pace we have been evolving too, transforming for better through various initiatives taken by the government, the private companies like Vodafone and through joint ventures- public and private partnership, i.e. PPP. People and NGOs have played a major role in this transformation as well.

One such step towards a super life has been taken by Gurugram and Faridabad officials. The Bandhwari solid waste treatment plant that is located along the Gurugram - Faridabad road in the Aravalli Hills area will be developed to generate 10MW of electricity on a daily basis. These days, internet connectivity and an uninterrupted supply of full voltage electricity are two things that have become the backbone of every life especially when everything from paying bills to purchase & marketing, mails, and entertainment is being done online and also when most youngsters are taking to the Internet to launch their own business and for social networking. This plant was earlier defunct for nearly four years and had become a liability, but now with the Memorandum of Understanding already signed and the paperwork completed, it has come alive and kicking. This Rs 330 Cr plant will generate energy from waste and a Chinese firm has been roped in to collect waste from Gurugram and Faridabad. The best thing is that the electricity will be generated from waste and this plant has a capacity of processing 600 Tonnes of waste daily. Disposal of waste is becoming almost an unmanageable problem worldwide. Recently at Ghazipur on Delhi - Ghaziabad road a collapse of the massive waste dump hillock caused an accident killing several people.
This is an eye opener not only on the poor disposal management system but also on the magnitude of the problem. The present step at Bhandwari is an important step towards addressing the problem. Apart from that, the officials will visit China to learn more about the technology to develop the plant more efficiently and a team will be formed to independently review and monitor the progress of the unit regularly.

These are some steps that can help us in living a super life. Another important step is the ban of pet coke and furnace oil in Haryana to clean up the toxic air that has been chocking the state. These two toxic elements are already banned in Delhi since in 1996, but are widely used in NCR by factories manufacturing dyes, cement, paper, ceramics and bricks. The emissions on burning of pet coke and furnace oil contain Oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen whose tiny particles settle deep inside the lungs and cause many grave diseases. Pollution is a mass killer; it kills hundreds of people in Delhi NCR annually. Most importantly, we owe a cleaner air to our coming generation and cannot suffocate them with our follies that lead to such serious air pollution. Clean air and water are the two fundamental elements of any life; nothing can survive in a gas chamber that unfortunately, Delhi NCR has been turning into.

Hence from more electricity to a cleaner air, the dream of a super life is not that far away; it is attainable for sure now. Vodafone too, has launched a series of super initiatives like supporting startups like Oyo and Zomato that in the long run strengthen the economy, digitally connecting Delhi NCR with 120 free Wi-Fi hotspot zones, especially in key areas like Airport. This Diwali too, Vodafone launched Super Crackers that were filled with eco-friendly seeds and were made available across Vodafone stores. This is Corporate Social responsibility in true sense.

Visit https://www.vodafone.in/home-delhi for more interesting initiatives.

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  1. Wow. Eye-opening, Ankita. Really interesting! Many of us take so much for granted...