Monday, October 16, 2017

A Super Life!

Let us be honest- what actually comes to your mind when you hear this word ‘Faridabad’? I asked a few friends from Delhi and they replied ‘an old city in the outskirts of Delhi’, ‘a city something like Agra’ or some even said a scene of a rustic small town comes to their mind. Faridabad is an important city of Haryana and is a major industrial hub. It is also the biggest henna exporter in India. Sadly, due to certain power issues, it was not developed as fast as Gurgaon or now Gurugram was developed but it was a blessing in disguise. Today, Faridabad is a perfect amalgamation of old world charm and rising industrial growth. Also, I request those who consider it rustic and very down-market to visit the city and see how quickly their opinions change.

Life was not exactly super a decade back in this city, I agree. There were fewer malls and one Town Park garden. However, of late there have been several positive efforts taken for the convenience of the people and now we can live a super life! I am not talking of malls, multiplexes and good restaurant chains in Faridabad city or some top schools opened in Faridabad but of other reforms. The most important of these reforms is that of Metro Line. This train has been a boost for this city and has changed the way people travel. Earlier, there were shared autos for those opting for public transports that were cheap but very inconvenient. With the advent of Delhi Metro Violet Line, 9 important points across 14 kilometer distance are connected with Delhi and people can travel in comfort and in far lesser time. Apart from Metro project, the Badarpur flyover also gives much convenience to travelers going by road to Delhi and outside the city. Further, NH2, an important Highway from Delhi to Agra and Mathura passes straight through Faridabad. Now, a number of flyovers have been built to make the entire stretch through Faridabad free of jams and intersections.

An average man spends a good chunk on communication and travel. Metro railway has made travel quick, trendy and easy. There next comes communication for which Vodaphone has taken some good steps like connecting Delhi NCR with 120 free Wi-Fi zones. These days when everything from cab to movie bookings is being done online, Wi-Fi is a very necessary service.  Faridabad is an important NCR city and every initiative that is taken in Delhi and NCR has an impact on Faridabad as well. When the pollution of Delhi rose to an alarming point, the impact could be seen in Faridabad as well as most people are employed and travel to the capital city only. Vodaphone came forward and set up the first Air-Purifying bus shelter in Delhi. With this step, people could breathe non-polluted air while waiting for a bus on the bus-stand.

Some key real estate developments have taken place in areas that were far-fetched and outskirts and on some land that was not coming to much fruitful a use. These real estate housings have given housing solutions to hundreds of people and have allowed them to live in upfront and better areas and conditions.

I have noticed some changes in social pattern as well. A decade back, not many women could be seen sporting shorts and skirts but now, casually on the streets, one can spot women wearing clothes as per their style without being conscious of the rustic atmosphere that was more prevalent. More hospitals, schools and universities have opened up now in this city. These are some subtle but very strong indicators that growth indeed has taken place and will continue to do so in future as well. Hence, there are many positive efforts that have been done in Delhi NCR that have given us a freedom to lead Super Lives!

Interestingly, Vodafone in its mission to support a Green Diwali, is spreading the use of Super Crackers that are filled with eco-friendly plant seeds. These are available at 52 Vodafone Delhi stores from 16th – 19th October 2017. You just need to plant it and let the plant blossom!

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  1. Wonderful post, Ankita!
    Faridabad is 7200 miles (11,500 km) from where I live in the US Pacific Northwest, so it is a real treat reading about your country!

    1. Hi Chris

      Thanks a lot!! Is it? so cool, you did a little search as well! very nice, I am touched! :)

  2. Apt observation of changes