Friday, May 15, 2015

Airtel My App

In these times when almost whole the world is on the apps, or applications that run on smart-phones and can get you rid of many hassles, it has become quite convenient to download specific apps and get going! One such wonderful application is ‘My Airtel App’ that helps in managing numerable things like recharges, buying products, tracking bills and reports and many more things that we often need and utilize in day to day life. We all know Airtel as a company that provides quality services and products and one of the leaders in mobile networks. This free application has various smart features but these three attracted me the most-

1.     Airtel Surprises- User can receive coupons for every recharge! I often use recharge services and that means one coupon every now and then. Moreover, these coupons can be chosen from various categories like entertainment, shopping, food, wellness and the like. Top brands such as VLCC, Café Coffee day, Amazon, Flipkart and many more can be browsed for redeeming the coupons which I think is wonderful!

2.     Secured Payments- These days, with the advent of online payments, electronic theft and phishing have become common as well. So if an app provides a safe payment mode, there could be nothing better! One can have PCIDSS certification as well as real time bill tracking. Any bill, be it that of DTH, landline or mobile, can be paid within seconds with utmost security by this App.

3.     Movies and Games- If you use Airtel’s DTH service then you can easily order movies with this app. For gaming buffs, games too can be ordered with this app. Moreover, programs can be recorded as well. I am a movie buff, so this seems amazing to me!

This app provides a smooth and user friendly interface along with a plethora of features like faster checkout by storing card details, checking recharge history, addition or removal of services, one-touch internet and alerts on various things like due bills, low data etc. All these facilities can be used on your smart-phone! I remember an awesome Airtel ad where a wife whose husband is her junior in office uses Airtel services to surprise him with a superb dinner! This company has emerged as the market leader in mobile and communications domain and now this app will further elevate the company’s popularity.

This application can be downloaded from the company’s website for free. Once downloaded, the app will give two options- ‘Proceed’ or ‘Take a Tour’ and when you click the former, the app will ask for user’s Airtel details. Once the details are verified and registered, one can use the app easily! The other option, ‘Take a Tour’ will give you an introduction to all the features of the app.

This app has made managing Airtel products and services a cakewalk. All features are available on Android at this point of time and other versions are to arrive soon.

Explore and download this mobile application @ http://www.airtel.in/myairtel

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