Sunday, February 3, 2013


With an eerie smile he gazes at his make
Bathed in diabolic dust, marks the second gate
Slowly silently time follows his pace
This hermit rules all stars, worlds and space

Staying fixed in his own mean
He embodies all seen and unseen
Crowned with luna, his light disperses
And blue aura shines across galaxies

Hold him in respect, love or reverence
He is the truth, the only reality of all existence
The Universe spins around him forever
Echoing the formidable hermit’s power


  1. Nicely put.. very good..

  2. hi Shrikant!

    thanks a ton :)

  3. hi Spread Love

    Thanks a lot!
    I loved ur blog.. really informative:)

  4. Nicely put up . Even I like Shiva.

    You should read the imortals of Meluha, which gives a good description of Lord Shiva :).

  5. Hi Unknown!

    Thanks a lot! Ya i have heard a lot about that book, will get a copy soon!

  6. AdityaimpostJune 12, 2013

    Shiva the supreme being,The embodiment of both saintly and satanic.The ascetic traversing on the path of abnegation renunciation of all worldly pleasures.Perching atop a lion skin sheet and puffing the clay chillum to attain equanimity and trance.Very nice poem,raconteuse you are.



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