Monday, June 22, 2009

Flaunt baby flaunt!!!


1. To exhibit ostentatiously or shamelessly: flaunts his knowledge

2. Usage Problem To show contempt for; scorn.


1. To parade oneself ostentatiously; show oneself off.

2. To wave grandly: pennants flaunting in the wind.

flauntingly adv.

Usage Note: Flaunt as a transitive verb means "to exhibit ostentatiously": She flaunted her wealth.

I still remember when I was in class 5; I was invited to the birthday party of one of the girls living in my colony. Well I am consciously using the word ‘girl’ and not ‘friend’ because I was never friendly with that girl and we did not see each other eye to eye (for she would tease me for my petite physique, which I am still proud of) I had to go only because my family knew her family in some way. All of the kids went to a good restaurant

where we had that unforgettable dinner which is the basis of this post and my hidden powers of sensing if someone is flaunting or not. That night I saw in real what exactly is meant by ‘full-to-flaunt’. There were two girls seated across the table facing me and were constantly talking (read: telling) about various nicer things in life like their trips to Bombay, their imported toys etc. the sets of their mothers and what not. The scene seemed as a miniature version of a ladies kitty party. But even at that small age their style of flaunting was commendable I must say, they must have inherited it from their mothers. Girls learn quite early in life how to flaunt and keep on improving this art to perfection till they kick the bucket and say tata, nay! ‘Sayonara’ to this world.

When we grow up and enter teenage, we flaunt our gifts and belongings like clothes, shoes, accessories and other things. Later we flaunt our boyfriends; I mean we keep flaunting all our lives. I don’t deny the fact that boys flaunt too, but their flaunting is more of direct kind. On the contrary, girls use beautifully pre thought and strategically devised rhetoric language that even though seems like complete crap to the third person but precisely conveys the message and list of belongings meant to flaunt to another woman. It’s like a coded message only another woman can decode.

Like “my god it’s so very hot yaar, I feel like even removing off my diamond ring”. Well, coming to a serious note although the approaches are different, girls and boys both flaunt and Indians in particular, I feel are very fond of flaunting. I have noticed people flaunting their Rado fakes in front of complete strangers! It’s laughable but it’s extremely satisfying to the owner of the fake! Hahaha! One of the persons I know owns a Nokia model that resembles a blackberry in design. He would always say like this “yups I saw your sms on my BB”. “I’ll give u a ring from my BB”, “my BB was switched off” like this, when everyone knew it was not a BB but a simple Nokia. It seemed laughable especially when it came from a senior executive.

To conclude I feel flaunting is an innate urge in every Indian, but it must be done cleverly and in a subtle manner lest in the highly likely case it becomes uncontrollable and should end up as silly show and topic of such satirical posts. Or, seriously, flaunting of one’s riches may even attract wrong people and result in undesirable consequences.


  1. Yes yes!! i'm the first one to comment!! (made up for the last post!)

    U dont have it ?? who cares - jus flaunt it!! seems to be the mantra... LOL!!

    i agree wid ur point here ... there are so many people who just do it for the sake (or rather "fake") of doing it.. Its not point listening/seeing them. all u have to say is "okay ur BB is probably Boom Booed!! :P )

    LOL!! lite leneka!! :P


  2. hiiii Rammy :D

    thankx a lot for the jjhintakk comment :)

    have it flaunt it seems to be the latest mantra but that makes fool of the person sometimes... hehe

    yup yaar lite leneka!!


  3. 'Flaunt it if you have it' is a passe

    Now a days people flaunt even if they don't have it. I am appalled at the conversations of a 5 year old...Hmm...innocence and kids are no more synonyms.

    Lil' things such as this makes life spicy...Good one..

  4. hii sis :)

    thanks for the comment :)
    yup! pple flaunt their fake brand.. ahahaha! that too in front of complete strangers!


  5. wow AS...tune meri muh kii baat cheen lee. just hate the ppl who flaunt left, right and center. hey btw d braided doggie looks cute :)

  6. hey very true!!! I know so many people who keep flaunting....something that they dont even possess....its their, aunt's...its their neighbours...but they are proud that they know rich people!! hahhaha...:P
    "Mere Chacha ke pass..merc hai...S class wali!!Woh chacha mujhe bolte rehte hain ...le jayo gaddi kabhi....!! " :P

  7. hii Gayathri :)

    sacchi yaar, such pple are so irritating but also funny sometimes heheeh!
    yup yaar doggy is flaunting its braids!!

  8. hii Aditi

    yups yaar flaunting things u dont possess is certified cheapness...
    but most pple fall into this category yaar!

  9. trying to be someone else, someone cooler ... either by putting on an act or by utilizing materialistic objects to convey a cool image ... falsification of ur own identity ... unfortunately though, we're all culprits in this. its only the scale that varies

  10. hii krappy :)

    thanx for such a genius comment :D

    yup! although we make fun of others and point fingers at them but we all flaunt either consciously or subconciously..:P

  11. hey..
    thanx for helping me understand women a little better :D

  12. heyaaa jinxie :D

    heheh! ye to mera farz tha!