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E for Evion!

People nowadays are celebrating fitness. Yes! It is new trend because being fit has become so uncommon these days that even kids can be seen suffering from this health problem or that. It has become slightly harder to find people who are completely healthy and thus it calls for a reason to cheer up. However, I have often observed that most people have misconceptions about the very term ‘health’. For most of us being healthy generally means not being dependent on any medications and not having nay major illness. However, the blunder that we all commonly commit is to ignore all minor issues and let them develop over time into something diabolical. 

Good health is not just the absence of major health issues but a complete mental and physical well being. People who are into sports and physical activities develop a good and sometimes enviable health but for most of us who are into office jobs that require long hours of sitting and mental work, maintaining a good health and well being and preventing diseases in future is not a cakewalk. There are many things we need to do such as exercise, proper sleep and some required nutrients. Before I tell you more about the last category, let me share how the World Health Organization has defined Health-

"A resource for everyday life, not the objective of living. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities."
This definition was given in the year 1986 but in recent years, many new diseases and virus strains have attacked us and thus now researchers have added more to the definition-
“The ability of a body to adapt to new threats and infirmities.”
Health is not something stationary like a lovely showpiece but is a condition of body which is a kind of complicated machinery that needs regular maintenance. I strongly believe that one is not a body that has a soul but a soul that dwells in this body; this is a house allocated by the Almighty to us in this life and hence just as one cannot stay completely happy in a dirty and debilitated house, one cannot stay healthy and glad in a diseased body. It is imperative that we take care of our bodies because at the end of the day, we have to be there for ourselves first.
The word ‘Health’ must be understood in a whole sense; it depends upon various factors. The WHO suggests more such factors that impact health:
· Social and Economic Environment: Income level affects diet and nutrition
· Physical Environment: Polluted or dingy areas may have parasites that cause diseases
· Behaviors and Characteristics: Including the gene pool and personal lifestyle choices like smoking, late sleeping etc.
We can always choose good health by taking a good diet rich in various types of vitamins. What exactly are ‘Vitamins’ and why they are so important?
The term vitamin was derived from ‘vitamine’, a compound word coined in 1912 by the Polish biochemist Kazimierz Funk of the Lister Institute of Preventive Medicine. The name is from vital and amine, meaning amine of life. Vitamins can be defined as
“Any of a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.”
The bad news is that the human body either does not produce enough of them, or it does not produce any at all. The good news is we can get all the vitamins we need from a well balanced and healthy diet and supplements!
There are 13 known vitamins and these are either water-soluble or fat-soluble. Latter are easier for the body to store. Vitamins are ‘organic compounds’ because they contain carbon. Different vitamins have different roles and they are needed in different quantities. One such amazing vitamin that we require is Vitamin E which along with Vitamin A, D, and K is a fat-soluble vitamin and is not excreted out through urine and can remain stored in body fat in body for months. Vitamin E is also known by its Chemical names Tocopherol or Tocotrienol. Its chemical formula is C29H50O2.

Benefits of Vitamin E-
1.  Strong Immune System- Vit E strengthens our immune system that in turn prevents us from many diseases. Immunity is one of the most important parameter of good health and a poor immunity indicates deep set weakness.
2.  Good Skin and Strong Hair- It is commonly used in skin and hair products. It makes the skin smooth, shiny and healthy.
3.  Improved Blood Circulation- It helps in proper blood circulation thereby preventing a plethora of brain disorders.
4. Anti Cancer- Vitamin E foods are rich in antioxidants that destroy free radicals. Particularly, Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer can be avoided by consuming such foods regularly.
5.  Muscle Health- Muscle cramps and pains can be avoided by consuming food rich in this vitamin.
6. Good Vision- Extreme deficiency of this Vitamin can lead to blindness but for an average person, it helps in keeping the eye health and vision good.
7.  Male Fertility- It helps males dealing with fertility issues.
 Vitamin E Deficiency can lead to grave issues such as-
      1.    Weakened immune system.
2.     Nerve damage and weak nervous system
3.     Muscle damage
4.     Pain, fatigue and numbness in limbs.
5.     Poor vision even blindness
6.     Hair loss and scalp problems
7.     Poor fertility in males
8.     Cracked and acne prone skin
9.     Body movement issues like loss of control over limbs
     Its deficiency can be very damaging for good health and hence it becomes necessary to have foods that are rich in Vit E. Consuming it also ensures the supply of antioxidants that kill free radicals that are carcinogenic. You can also consume it in the form of dietary supplements. Evion Supplements (#Evion) is a reputed brand that can be well trusted. If you are a staunch vegetarian like I am, you need to consume the foods listed below regularly to avoid the deficiency of Vit E-
Some oils are rich in vitamin E and can be used for cooking and/or salad dressing.
1.    Soyabean oil
2.    Wheatgerm oil
3.    Sunflower oil
4.    Corn oil
Most nuts contain vitamin E but almonds have high amount of this vitamin. Most nuts are good in fiber content as well. Nuts can be eaten in raw or roasted form. Sesame can be used in salad and in sweets.

1.     Almonds
2.     Peanuts
3.     Hazelnuts
4.     Walnuts
5.     Sunflower seeds
6.     Pistachios
7.     Sesame
Some vegetables are high in Vitamin E content and can be very helpful in making up the deficiency. Carrots and cabbage can be used in salads too.

1.     Spinach
2.     Sweet potato
3.     Broccoli
4.     Kale
5.     Turnips
6.     Carrots
7.     Bell peppers (red and yellow)
8.     Pea
9.     Parsley
10.  Cabbage
11.   Asparagus
Most fruits are rich in Vitamin E and can be consumed anytime as fruits are high in fiber and have healthy sugars. Coconut can be eaten with meals in the form of ‘chutney’ with meals while tomatoes are usually an important part of the most Indian meals.
1.     Kiwi fruit
2.     Avocados
3.     Sweet Corn
4.     Papaya
5.     Straw Berries
6.     Coconut
7.     Tomatoes (technically a fruit)
8.     Apple
9.     Mango
If you are a non vegetarian, you can go for these foods-
1.     Eggs
2.     Cod liver oil
3.     Lean Meat
4.     Shrimps
Vitamin E Dose Chart (All values in mg)

1-3 years
4-8 years
9-13 years
14 years +
 For pregnant women 15mg/day and for lactating women, 19mg/day.
Now, I will share my own experience when around six or seven years back I started suffering from hair fall, morning nausea and acne. Initially I ignored these symptoms as most of us often do. We avoid visiting physicians generally but as I could find no relief by simple hacks and home remedies, I visited a gynecologist, who along with some other simple medicines and precautions prescribed me Vitamin E pills for my hair fall and acne issues. She also told me to stay positive and cheerful as far as possible as stress is very destructive for our physical and mental health. Within a few weeks, I could see improvement in hair fall and acne. Hence, vitamin E has worked for me in the past and now, I always make sure that I consume fruits and vegetable rich in this compound which is so essential for skin, hair and over all immunity.
While it is very important to consume Vitamin E, it is not possible to prepare an elaborate fruit salad or eggs or such vegetables every time. So, for a daily boost of vitamin E and for shiny hair and skin, we have to prepare a simple snack that will give us regular supply of vitamin E even on the go!
A Quick Recipe!
Enjoy and store the rest in an airtight container. This recipe is not only nutritious but storable and handy as well.
Did you know!

1. Unlike humans, dogs can synthesize and even produce vitamin C for their needs! 

2. Vitamin K was found to be very effective in the coagulation of blood and was named after the German word ‘Koagulation’!

3. Vitamin E capsules can be used for hair by mixing in hair oil!

4. Iron cannot be absorbed in human body without Vitamin C!

5. One small cup of Strawberries has more Vitamin C than one big orange!

6. Mushrooms are the only vegetarian natural source of vitamin D!

7.     Vitamin E protects DNA and proteins too!

8.     Evion is the largest selling Vitamin E brand in India! 

Visit http://www.evion.co.in/ to more about Vitamin E and the company’s amazing skin care products!
Evion Supplements  
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  1. I am not saying I have the best skin of all. I do get occasional breakouts. But considering my daily routine (driving more than one hour every day on a two-wheeler in Bangalore traffic and pollution), I can safely say that I have good skin. You can find so many DIY masks and scrubs to give your self-luxury treatment.

    Again, all this is not magical solution for skin and hair problems although we do expect magic. Everyone is different and underlying cause of problems can also be different. So please don’t expect that over night everything will change, if that was the case then no one would ever have bad skin and no one will lose hair. But having proper E should help improve the nourishment.

    Thanks for the article; its really helpful and informative.

  2. THat is a LOT of info.. I like the roasted almonds .. not sure if I will be able to STORE them probably eat them all :)

    Good article ..