Monday, December 4, 2017

The Hungry Man

One in white and another in saffron
Both beguiled a nameless feeble man
On to their sides with much fervor
Tried all they could to win his favors
And preached him respective canticles
Their concepts of hell and paradise
Of death and being and after-life
Of religion, faith and myths
Of society, perks and benefits

And when all insight out they did blurt,
He was asked the side he would convert
Saffron and white, stress both did exert
But he thought for a moment and alleged
He belonged to the biggest assemblage
“I, of the clan and order of the hungry
Can be every color you want me to be
But any day I would surely choose
To thy range of Gods, a mouthful food”
Honestly said the man and glaringly stared

But white and saffron were as if prepared
They tagged him a mole of another color
Cried, nasty seemed his ‘humble’ answers
And for having their ‘pure’ image maligned
The hungry man was jailed, for speaking his mind

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