Thursday, June 8, 2017

It is Right to Write!

There is a certain joy in interacting and communicating. After all, no man can live in isolation or in a state of complete silence. Psychology often warns us about bottling up our feelings, for it can cause a plethora of health issues, mental as well as physical. Some introverts will frown at this and will state that too much communication is so taxing on their nerves while extroverts will rejoice at the idea of interacting with almost any one they meet! It is important that we share our feelings, but it is also equally important who our audience is. In these days of rising crimes, we women cannot afford to share our deepest emotions and plans with any casual acquaintance. As Warren Buffet says “Honesty is a very expensive Gift. Do not expect it from cheap people”, and who knows what one may devise while fooling us with a smiling face and compassionate words? So, what is the way out? How can we find that balance? The perfect solution lies in befriending our own beautiful selves and venting it all in a personal journal. 

Yes, a personal diary or a journal- that will indeed be the most loyal friend. After a few months or journal keeping, we will also have a record of what and how we sailed through. I would like to share below a little story that we all women will, I am dead sure, be able to relate to and after that, I am going to reveal the most beautiful thing I have come across in journals!

Today I will tell you a story, neither old nor new
That we need to learn from follies of others too
Better be alert and not allow inanity to stay
That can damage us in more than one way

There was a young girl whose story I will tell
Her hair was curly dark and eyes soft hazel
She loved to write and think and converse
But alas! Could never find an eager audience

She would speak all day to leaves and snails
To her pet cats, lazy bums with furry tails
To her friends and neighbors and cousins,
Tired to core of her incessant musings

So, she would roam alone here and there
Singing her songs and poems she prepared
And would talk all about her ideas and beliefs
But no keen ear she found to give her relief

Then! One day, she was ranting on and on
And caught the fancy of a young gentleman
Lost in her words, in all her unheeding ways,
She talked to anyone willing to share her craze

He gave her a patient ear with a smile
One most gracious, charming and agile
They met every day and she would talk and talk
Of life, love and hands in hands they'd walk

Thus he gathered a lot about her, much enough
To lay his trap and be sure that she will rush
He knew what she loved and what she hated
And what made her tick and he slayed it!

She was in a vile trap which she did not ask
Slowly, that gentleman removed his mask
He turned out a wolf in a sheep’s clothing
She was deep in trouble of her own making

But at moment last she was saved
Her father set that villain straight
And kicked him out of her sight 
          And then, gifted her one slap tight!

Father then repeated his golden advice
“Ideas are wealth, never scatter in wild!”
Views and thoughts make up a being
They deserve the most reverend landing

Hence, dear women and all my friends 
 One who looks inside, surely awakens
Please save yourself from such a trouble
It’s good to speak half and write double!


  1. That was really lovely to read and very well thought out. Warm greetings!

    1. Hi Blogoratti

      Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Fabulous post. You did really well.

    1. Hi Martin

      Thanks a lot! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Jeevan

      Thanks a lot! :)

  4. I'm Scorpio. I don't have a problem revealing too much. The world iS out to get me, hee heeee heee. But on a serious note, these words are valuable and worth heeding. I so wish for a simple safe world, where did it go?

    1. Hi Shadow

      that is rater strange! Scorpios are often very secretive! If only this world were simple and safe..sigh...

  5. True. A journal can be a good companion and a stress-buster.

    1. Hi Onkar

      Thanks a lot! Indeed! :)