Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today while carrying on with the mundane things of my life, I was pondering over what is meant by maturity. What is the real maturity? It’s common for people specially colleagues to brand each other immature or kiddish. But how do we define maturity? Dictionary defines maturity as “fully developed; ripe; adult” but I feel there are two things rather two very commonly misused words behind the entire confusion- ‘childish’ and ‘childlike’. Lets checkout how does the dictionary defines them- childlike means like a child, as in innocence, frankness, etc.;  childish and it defines childish as puerile; weak; silly; therefore refers to characteristics that are undesirable and unpleasant: childish selfishness, outbursts of temper.” Most of the time people use them as synonyms.

For most, maturity or ripeness directly means sitting and brooding in a somber state, or to be lost in a pensive mood. People who enjoy life, who cheer at the first rain of the season or simply who are extroverts are often tagged immature by the society.
But my views differ here, I feel maturity is not just indicating everyone that you dislike being in a cheerful mood or gloom is your favorite emotion of all the seasons; the real maturity is reflected in the decisions one takes and in the time management skills of a person. If one is joyous and puckish but manages to pull on his life well without having pettish problems to bother him, if he makes thoughtful decisions and has the courage and dexterity to make gains out of calculated risks, if he remains unperturbed under pressure then I feel such a person is really mature.

Being mature is definitely not about somberness and gloom; it’s not about being serious always and to sneer on the cheerful people. Being childlike and being childish is poles apart. 


  1. I liked it...!!

    Maturity depends on the perspective of place and time as well.

  2. hii Abhinav!!

    thanks a ton buddy!!
    yaa, I agree :)

  3. hiii UAjee

    thanks thanks!!

  4. Hmm for instance, I am childlike but my boss is childish :)

  5. hiii G3

    hahahah! good one ;D

  6. I have been tagged childish by a number of ppl just bcoz i am an extrovert. They will take absolute crap from someone who talks less and doesnot usually make sense, coz they feel ki ye banda chup baitha hai to kuch soch ke bolega. It takes a long time for them to see ki us bande ke soch galat hai... and for some idiots the realization never dawns.

    Needless to say liked ur post :)

  7. hii Sid!

    yes, thats it! u have hit the nail on the head! ..pple think gloomy ones are mature and all the ones who enjoy little joys of life are kiddish....anywayz we just dont need a certificate of maturity from such nerds ;D

  8. I think maturity is about how you act (mind it, act, not react) in different situations. You can be childish at times and you can be serious but there should be a balance.. extremism never really helps..

    BTW, what inspired you to write this?

  9. hii ST

    yaa i agree, its about balancing, nd not extremism. I think its about responding and not reacting to a situation..

    bas aise hi likh diya :)

  10. Hi AS,
    Thats a nice post on maturity, and I also liked the way you described the difference between the two words.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to spot you again!
    New Beginning!

  11. hii NB

    thanks a lot! m happy u liked the post!



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