Tuesday, February 2, 2010


For past one month I was eagerly waiting for something, as I counted days I myself wondered “shucks! I am actually waiting, man!” I was in a strange dilemma, I could not openly declare that I was rather dying to see him nor I could hide my feelings. Finally that moment came. No! I was not waiting for my pardesi boyfriend on the Airport with a bunch of roses and about-to-slip kisses, but (it sounds so silly!) I was dying to watch ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’ on NDTV Imagine….eheheh and before you all start to taunt on my ‘taste’ of TV shows, let me be very clear about my purpose to watch this much ‘awaited show’. I wanted to see how far can girls go for him.

This is a very modern show, we have full (tann aur mann se!) participation of all the girls as young as a 19 years old who wish to marry Rahul Mahajan, in fact a one time cocaine addict but it doesn’t matter naa, not even his failed first marriage with his pilot wife Shweta, because Rahul is a celebrity somehow. Ya I am using the word ‘somehow’ because he was in the news mostly for wrong reasons and more the media coverage, more fame you gather ‘somehow’ thus all these somehow-Celebes include Rahul as well. They all gathered with gifts in their hands and crammed shayari (Rahul hymns) on their lips. One brave lady claimed she was in love with him since past 10 years and now her tapasya has paid off! The outfits of some were quite interesting and are sure to keep the males glued to the TV sets.

The first episode (scene 2): All the suitors... (hehehe!) gather inside a party hall and are vying with each other so as to attract the attention of the ultimate lady killer! (My jokes are not that bad yaar!) Some are pulling him this side, some that, some are singing in loud voices, and some are simply fuming because he isn’t paying them attention and while some simply walked up to him and begged for his attention! See, I told you naa India is full of modern and confident ladies! They are storming and demanding.

They ooze out a chutzpah that can even embarrass the person watching the show. Now I can understand Rahul when he said in its Ad “aap meri haalat to samajh hi sakte hain naa!” haan Rahul bilkul! And we can even understand and imagine poor you after marriage with one of these firebrands.

The first episode (scene 3): (Aha! Pyar ka nazraana! All the girls stand in a row and Rahul inspects them) 2 bangles were given by the lady killer to two girls who beamed with joy as others fumed and tried hard to control tears. And more catfights and dirty politics to come that’s gonna decide who will have the lady killer finally!

Well, coming to the point I, as an audience found it shameful to watch the ladies fight for a stupid pest. Its drooping below the last threshold of dignity. This is their insolent attitude at work. I frankly feel sorry for all the suitors fighting out there for Rahul … it’s a shame on the educated and dignified girls.

“When money speaks, no one checks the grammar” …. Hence proved!!


  1. Hey Ankita,

    I dont think they are real suitors. I guess they are just struggling models/actors who think this will give them much wanted visiblity. i can recall another stupid show called prefect bride. No one knows what happened to that silly couple who tied the knot there.

    I watched the 1st episode of RDLJ. It was pathetic the way the gals fought for his attention. Despair in their careers and insecurity in mumbai must be driving them to this extent. In that case , Money truly speaks.

  2. Still, you could have avoided this post about such a non-sense!


    bus bahut dekhlia ab time waste mat karna!

  3. Hi...firstly let me stand up and give u standing ovation. I mean how did u manage to watch it? Anyways now about the post, it is really sad that the gals can stoop to such low levels...I heard they are models who r tryng 4 a brk thru such a shw. Finally wohi hoga joh rakhi ke woh takloo suitor whts his name...i forgot uska huva tha...a gal will be selected, they will participate in sme othr shw and tadaaaaaaaa we get d news tht he has left d gal :)

  4. haha..The great Indian comedy show..

  5. Hey! What's this show about? Is he getting married?
    im sorry but I don't know is the guy not worth those girls? or the other way around?

  6. Hey, these shows are non-sense. I heard that Rakhi Sawant broke off with her boyfriend.
    Be it anything, NDTV imagine is heavily cashing upon this.

  7. Oops you know how I feel about TV shows.. don't you.. no courage to read this.. I will pass :)

  8. hii UA

    ya right, these are all smalltime models who are literally dying for fame. yups, perfect bride was also one such idiotic show.the way girls were fighting for the attention was very cheap. pple just want fame, at any cost :)

  9. hi Abhinav

    haan yaar! hehehe...wont repeat that deadly mistake again...hhahaah!

  10. hii G3

    ya right..the purpose of my watching the show was to see those amazingly bold ladies and how far they are willing to get Rahul...ya Rakhi's marriage was a sham, lets see what this turns out to be.

  11. hii Sorcerer

    lol! right!

  12. hii Moonlight

    ya Rahul Mahajan is having a swayambar and he claims he'll get married.. hahaha!

    they all are worth each other..all are mindless fools!

  13. hii Sunil

    ya, nonsense they are for sure but this is a hardcore fact that they are very profitable to the channel as u rightly remarked!

  14. I agree with what u said in the last paragraph. I had found it disgusting when i had first heard about the channel deciding hav Rahul on their next show.

    What surprises n troubles me the most is that in today's world media or TV seems to be bothered only about trps, profit n sensation. Isnt there any social responsibility or ethics?

    I understand that everybody deserves a second chance in life but this swayambar drama call it nautanki is a mockery of human sentiments and our culture.

  15. hii Shas!

    thanks for such a thoughtful comment..ya I agree with you, such shows are a mockery of the sacred institution of marriage and hence must be banned, but since channels are forever interested in TRPs and channel wars,such shows are here to stay...and thats a fact and a sad reality

  16. The sad part is that ppl still watch the show... Didnt ppl kno wat Rakhi Sawant did or is the past of Rahul Mahajan not well known? Why are ppl still watching is the more worrying sign

  17. hii Sid

    ya! its sad...hehe

  18. Ever wondered why all Swayamvars ended up either in wars or in unhappy marriages....

    Why do people use a stone to crush an ant?

    Actually it is not the act of crushing the ant which is important for them. They want everyone to see how big a stone they have.

  19. hii Bhaiyya

    thanks a lot for the thoughtful comment :)

    yaa, pple have an irrestible innate urge to display their fury and power but that only breaks a relationship..hai na.

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