Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fic 55 no 5

Hi! this is written by my dear brother Ashutosh :)

He nostalgically handled the weathered skin remembering its first feeling and its softness which was now battered into callousness by years of rough handling and duress.
As if bidding goodbye to a trusted old friend, for the last time he slipped his feet into his first pair of shoes, ............................
before throwing them away.


  1. smethng i can relate to...especially now after I just threw my old shoes of 3 years :)

    ashutosh writes well...do give him a thumbs up gesture on my behalf

  2. I bought new shoes :) Planning to search for my old shoes now :D

  3. Oh!!!!
    Now I realized that your creativity is a genetical error. :D

    Btwn howz you?

  4. you are really good at it..
    keep it up

  5. That was well written. Almost every1 feels d same wen they throw away things they were using from sm time... it feels as if som part of u resides in it and ur not willing 2 leave it behind.

  6. waah, bahut talented siblings hai..good one.

  7. Thanks for the nice and encouraging comments.

    I chose to write about shoes as among all apparels they bear they bear the most punishment and are the least cared for.

    Just like our shoes we take some relationships for granted too. Our parents, siblings, close friends, spouse, and all other people who have been loyal, patient and understanding towards us yet have never emphasized their presence and importance despite being there for us always.

    Then, in due course of time, we decide to go away from them in search for newer relationships. We feel sad while doing so. We know that we will miss them. Yet, we throw these relationships away like used and old pair of shoes.