Saturday, April 4, 2009


There is no dearth of interesting things; we just have to look around ourselves, focus a bit and keep our senses open. After so many days and couple of sketches I felt like writing a post, (which is also my first love!) but today I could not stop myself from expressing through words what I felt. It has made me happy, elated and yes, more sensitive too. The matter is very simple but is quite deep. What happened is...

We have many stray dogs in our colony. One such stray, quite young (btw, it’s my fav too) gave birth to one pup. Surprising but yes. Not a litter but just one pup. Another such stray too gave a litter (let’s call it Monty). The only pup of the first one (I call it Tommy) expired after a day. And since motherly love knows no bounds, our Tommy was depressed like any thing. It stopped eating and refused to part with its dead pup. Then what happened, a twist in the story followed. The second stray Monty met with a car accident and died on the very spot, leaving behind three cute 4-days old pups. Tragic, but what to do. We (me and my auntie) tried our level best to take care of those innocent, hapless creatures. Then, Tommy adopted them, fed them and took care of them like a mother. I was really astonished and surprised. I sat down to write this post as soon as I returned after spending my daily quota of time with Tommy and her new family.
We are humans, (supposedly) much more intelligent than other beings, but we use all our extra intelligence in vices, crimes, and all sorts of devilish activities.
( real pic of one of the pups)

This act of kindness by my sweet Tommy always reminds me of Puja (name changed), one of my old school classmates. Her mom died when she was 2 and her father remarried a year later. Her step mom made her life miserable by inflicting mental torture on the poor girl, while her father chose to look other way. Many a time I found Puja really apprehensive on returning back home after school and what not; let me not get to the horrid details I know as one of her good friends. Later I came to know from somewhere that she was married off as soon as her BA got over.

We humans, the super intelligent and the most evolved, are worst than dogs and other animals when kindness and humanity is concerned. If you watch carefully, only humans kill or torture another being for fun and draw a certain kind of satisfaction from cruelty, something which no other animal does. Animals kill only for food or in self defense.


  1. Hmmmmmmmm... touchy post! Frankly speaking, I wudnt have done even a single thing abt any stray dog or any other stray animal.. hats off to you that u care for them so much!

    keep doing that! Thanks from my side..

  2. Wow AS, after such a long span you have written a post. I was waiting for your posts and like always you have made me happy. Firstly lemme tell you, Monty and the pups are way too cute. Now for the human and dogs issue that you tookup. Seriously dogs are far more caring and sensitive than we supposedly super-intelligent human beings. We need to learn a lesson or two from these creatures. In our quest to be ahead in rat race, we have forgotten humanity- a virtue that distinguishes us from others.

  3. Hi Abhinav :)

    thanx a lot for the ancouraging comment ..... hats off to my dear tommy :)

  4. 'Encouraging' I mean :) plzz ignore the spelling mistakes .. :)

  5. Hii Gayathri

    thankx so very much dear ...ya I was feeling like telling everyone about this thing for it really touched my heart :)

    heheh... ya pup is just too cute..I am never tired of playing with it heheheh...:)

    Yups, I agree fully, Dogs are very sensitive and loyal..yaa we have a lot to learn from them....

    I love dogs :)

  6. Yes, sometimes we need to learn the basic things from species having 5 senses. The act of love was indeed touching.

    Nice post after a long time...

    P.S: Btw have your patriotic sketching done or is it on a go still ??

  7. hi Prashant

    thanx a lot :)

    ya this entire thing and this act of of kindness touched my heart deeply :)

    hehehe my patriotic mood is still on :)

  8. Really touching. No words to express. Animals are much better than the so called human beings

  9. Hi Sis

    thanx a lot :)

    ya animals are much better...

  10. Its strange how we sometimes feel more pity for a stray dog limping across the road than we feel for a beggar who is knocking the window pane of ur car, begging!!! I am more torn apart by my apathy than my compassion.. I wish all misery could end... Human or animal... How I wish!!!!

    Touching story..Good post!!! I cry and frown all day when i lose my fishies too :(
    Lets keep spreading the love while we can :)

  11. hii Diva

    thanks a lot for the thoughtful comment :)

    yaa....we the super intelligent are the root cause of all the cruelty in the world....

    I love animals re, In fact I alwayz wanted to be a vet, but alas! got into a different field ...

    yaa , life is uncertain and short yaar, lets spread love and happiness...like u alwayzz do sweety :D

  12. That was really moving!! though I am pretty petrifie dof dogs, i am surely touched by this tale.....we shud really learn so many things that nature teaches us unknowingly! Thanks for this one!

  13. Hi Aditi

    thanx a lot yaar .......yaar try playin with pups, u'll get addicted ..heheheh

  14. Aftr a long tym u came wid a vry touchin article.... nd i must say tht u r too kind tht u take heed of the stray dogs nd also clckd cute pics of thm....
    thy r lucky tht thy born in ur area....

  15. Hi Teddy
    :D :D

    thanx for the comment
    I look fwd to ur honest and frank comments :)

    yaar I feel our life is too short for grudges
    And its the innocence and selflessness of the animals, the purity of their love that made me care for them so deeply. these traits can hardly be found in a human.


  16. very nice post really!!!!!!!!specially your observation, if all humans were as sensitive and could observe things like u did there wud not be any problem,but alas!!

  17. hi Priti

    thanx a lot for the comment :D

    yaa we need to be a bit less selfish and care for others too....this way thee would not be any depression in this beautiful world..:)

  18. hii Aditi

    han yaar, I was bored of that old one :)
    after all variety is the spice of life ...hai naa??


  19. Hey nice post buddy :)

    Firstly kudos to monty and the pups- They could be together even without being connectde to each other anywhich way. How many humans do that these days?

    I think its just the maddening quest to satisfy self that has led to this unkind human syndrome ( if i can call it so!)! .. and not every one is like that at every time- it just happens coz of situations.
    Life is so enigmatic - spread love till you last!

    well written - very good post :)


  20. Hi Rammy

    welcome to my blog :)

    and tax a lot for such thoughtful comment ...yups I agree , u have uses the most appropriate term here 'unkind human syndrome'...it is actually a syndrome that makes ppl unkind, unforgiving and selfish.

    keep coming :)

  21. Very touching truth..nicely put. Your last statement sums it all up..we humans say "animal instinct" when it comes to cruely when the creatures jst dont have it!!

  22. hii Verbivorehere

    welcome to my blog... :)

    yups we are super intelligent and supper cruel creatures....taking fun out of torture and pain

    keep coming :D

  23. hey.. wonderful post.
    keep it up.
    god bless u.

  24. hii Ajinkya

    thanks a lot dearrie :)

    may god give u happiness alwayz :)