Friday, November 26, 2021

My New Book 'One Day in the life of Javed Khan' is out now!

Really excited to tell you that my novel 'One Day in the life of Javed Khan' has been accepted by Ukiyoto Publishing, Canada and is now on the stands! I am thankful to my publishers for placing trust in my work.

For those ordering from Amazon.com, 
the Paperback + Kindle link is @ amazon.com/dp/9354902251

Indian buyers and those from other countries where Amazon is not available, can order from Ukiyoto website- https://www.ukiyotoindia.com/product-page/one-day-in-the-life-of-javed-khan 

This book is also available on Amazon India.

When Javed Khan’s illusion that once out of jail he would be a free man is shattered, he finds himself questioning the relationships, prejudices as well as the very notions of crime and justice in our society. Along with his younger sister, Ayesha, he sets out to make a fresh start only to realize he is in a far bigger jail and things are anything but normal. Despite loss and miseries, he persists with an unflinching hope. 

Poignant, insightful and flipping between past and present, it is not just Javed’s story but of all those like him who are wrongly labeled as terrorists. 

Based on thorough research, One Day in the Life of Javed Khan presents the truth with specific patterns through a thin veil of fiction.