Friday, May 21, 2021

One Day in the Life of Javed Khan

I am so glad to tell you that my new book 'One Day in the Life of Javed Khan' is out! It is very close to my heart for the subject deals with justice and society. It is a Circadian novel that is The story takes place in one day and is based on a thorough research. 

This work proves that those who get injured, die or lose their kin are not the only victims of terrorism. There is yet another class of people whose lives are also ruined because of such incidents. Through a thin veil of fiction, this novel presents the truth along with some specific societal patterns. A young and sincere college student Javed Khan is wrongly framed in a terrorism case and is made to rot for years in prison while his family faces many miseries. By the time he comes out clean, his family has been ruined while his younger sister Ayesha fights demons of her own to hold their lives together. Nevertheless, they set out to start the life afresh, only to realize that they are in for the worse.

Javed represents an entire class of those who are not even acknowledged as victims. There are other important layers and sub-tracks that blend together to weave this story.

The book is available on Amazon World over as print and ebook (in India only as ebook) 

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  1. All the best with your new book. I really want to read it for sure, and I hope I do it soon.

    Take care

    1. Thank you Jeevan,

      Do read it. I hope you will like it!

  2. Like you said, there is one entire class of victims who are not acknowledged by the society. Will have a look at the book.

    1. Hi Haddock

      Yes indeed. Plz do. I'll be glad to have your honest views about the book

  3. Hi Ankita
    Glad to share with you my first book

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  4. Replies
    1. Hi TJ

      It is based on Many real cases and a thorough research